* This plan is not to scale and is subject to architectural review and revision, including without limitation, the Unit being constructed with a layout that is the reverse of that set out above. All details and dimensions, if any are approximate and subject to change withtout notice in order to comply with building site conditions and municipal, structural, Vendor and/or architectural requirements. Actual usable fl oor space may vary from any stated fl oor plan. Bulkheads are not shown on this plan and may be located in areas of the Unit as required to provide venting and mechanical systems. Materials, specifi cations, fl oor plans and dimensions are subject to change without notice. Balconies, Terraces and Patios if any are subject to change without notice. Window location, size and type may vary without notice


1 Bedroom + 1 Bath + 1 Den
Interior Floor Area
741 Sq. Ft *
Balcony L2-7