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Office space Etobicoke

Office space Etobicoke

When you already know that you are going to be in the market for new office space, what you select will be crucial to your business. Having a new office space in Etobicoke will affect regular daily operations, but you also have to think about things like your brand image and staff morale. If you think about it, where you lease office space in Etobicoke can impact regular operations. The more that you look into and take into consideration as you shop around, the better your results will be. 

These are some significant factors to consider before you settle on your new office space in West Toronto area: 

Location – Anyone can tell you that location means everything when you are trying to run a business, regardless of the industry that you are in. You should be asking yourself if your clients can get to you with any issues and whether or not you are in a good location for your employees. Any office space for rent in Etobicoke that checks these boxes puts it up higher on the list of potential winners. 

Cost – Of course, you need to be sure that the office space in Etobicoke is well within your price range. If you end up spending too little, you could have an office space that you are unhappy with or that you will move out sooner than expected. Should you spend too much, you could find yourself struggling to pay your rent and the need to downsize and move. Both of these scenarios will not be ideal.

Size – Do you know how much office space for lease in Etobicoke you are looking for? In addition to location and cost, you will need to carefully consider the sizing of any potential area. It is usually recommended that you take on about 70 sq ft for each person working within the office. However, if you need larger desks for your employees or increased storage, you will need to up the figure accordingly. You should also be considering whether or not you need meeting spaces, a lounge or waiting area for visitors, and a rest space or break room for your employees. 

You will also see that it is common to have a lot of questions when you are shopping around for an office space. Are you set on leasing, or would you buy office space in Etobicoke if the right opportunity presented itself? We have a broad range of properties available at Dunpar Homes, and we would like to talk with you to make sure that you find the best office space to fulfill your needs and exceed your expectations. 

It is just as essential to us that you find new office space in Etobicoke as it is to you. If you have concerns or questions on the leasing process or you want to know about buying office space, simply get in contact with a member of our team so that we can go over all the details with you. Contact Dunpar Homes today by filling out our online form at or give us a call at (416) 236-9800. 

Office space Etobicoke

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