Medellin Colombia Attractions

Medellin Colombia Attractions: Best Things To Do In Medellin

While Medellin might not be as big as Bogota which is the capital of Colombia, the city has more than enough to offer. Medellin Colombia attractions include restaurants, museums, clubs, and bars to keep everyone entertained during their visit to the city.

The city's attractions are more fun, and it provides a unique way of getting to meet people. Below are some of the most interesting Medellin Colombia attractions:

Explore the Various Plazas and Parks

The unique climate and natural beauty of the city of Medellin are exciting to behold. Set in a valley enclosed by large green mountains, its closeness to equator provides a constant temperature that is spring-like all through the year. The pleasant weather enhances your tour through the dozens of plazas and parks you can find around the city. Every park in the city has its own personality and design, with each of them being a perfect spot to get a seat for a little sightseeing and watching the locals going about their daily routine. Some of the favorite plazas and parks to visit are:

    Plaza Botero: This is the home of very large sculptures of Fernando Botero, you can get to this plaza through the metro station of Parque Berrio. Ensure that you take a walk into the Museo de Antioquia, which is opposite the plaza. Entry is free of charge, and you'll see beautiful paintings by several Latin artists and also by Botero. Parque Berrio: This small park is situated across Plaza Botero, and it is always filled with local street performers listening and dancing to Colombia local music, and there are also juice vendors there to make your relaxation more fun. Jardin Botanico Parque Explora Pueblito Paisa Parque Arvi

Get Your Adrenaline High

Medellin Colombia attractions provide a lot of ways for visitors to get a pump of adrenaline, some of which offer amazing views of the mountains in the surrounding.

    Paragliding: Paragliding is one of the most famous activities of tourists, especially for people who go on adventure tours. What makes it more fun is the affordable low price and the dependable thermal. You can pay for the amount of time you want to enjoy the flight, and you can fly around the city. The actions usually occur in the mountains in the northern part of the city. The flights are always available during week days and weekends from various companies, but the flight is dependent on weather. ATVs and Mountain Biking: Whether its ATVs you prefer of mountain biking, there are a lot of tour companies that cater for both foreign tourists and Colombians as well.

Go for Salsa Lessons

Colombia's salsa capital may be Cali, but you can find a lot of salsa dance studios in Medellin. In these studios, you can learn how to dance salsa and many other Latin dance styles, including tango and bachata. You can pay for hourly private lessons, and you will have a dance instructor to teach you how to dance for the number of hours you paid for.

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Join Cynthia Del Peschio, Manager of Sales/Marketing at Dunpar as she tours the Model Suite.

Join Cynthia Del Peschio, Manager of Sales/Marketing at Dunpar as she tours the Model Suite.